Information About Ford Mondeo 1997

Ford is a world known company with big history. The company is not known only for its cars, lightweight pickups, vans, and the WRC sport cars but for being one of the largest automobile producers in the world. So with few words we could say that Ford is not just another automobile producer but a company with long time history in the production of automobiles and a company with deep traditions.

            Ford has many models that ship worldwide. The models that everybody knows are Fiesta, Mondeo, Transit, Escort, Scorpio and more. The Ford Fiesta is the small mid-class car with more than thirty years of traditions. The first year of production of the model is 1976 still present. The Mondeo is significantly new model. Starting year of production is 1993. The Ford Transit has its long history starting from the early fifties of the last century. The Escort and Scorpio have long history too. The production of the Escort starts in 1968 and of the Scorpio in 1985 but both models are stopped from production.

            So now let us talk about the significantly new Ford Mondeo. Well, really the model is not so new at all. Although production year is 1993 the model has its predecessors starting somewhere after the World War II in the 1945. The predecessors by timeline of the Mondeo are:

– Ford Royale (somewhere after World War II)

– Ford Versailles (1954 – 1957)

– Ford Sierra (1982 – 1993)

– Ford Telstar (1983 – 1999)

            So from this data we could say that the Ford Mondeo is not significantly new, but is a car with history and traditions. The model is the limousine class of all Ford models.

            Now let us focus on the Ford Mondeo from year 1997. This is the second generation of the model, which has the initials Mk2. So what is so special about the Mk2? Well, the model is exactly the same as the Mk1 but it has the facelift. However, looking at the two models the winner of the beauty contest with no doubt is the Mk2.

            The Mk2 has three types of the coupe – 4 doors limousine, 5 doors hatchback and 5 doors estate. The Ford Mondeo has 2 types of engines – petrol and diesel. There are ten different modifications of the two engines starting from 1.6 liters and reaching 2.5 liters. The power of the engines starts from 66 kW and reaches the big 151 kW for the sport ST200 model.

            Interesting about the model is that after being replaced by the new model of Mondeo the Mk3 in the year 2000, the purchasing of the Mk2 continued in 2001.

            After seeing the shortcomings of the Mk1, the Mk2 found its place in the hall of fame with its new look and new features. (Another interesting information could be Ford Fiesta Tunning or if you are looking for Ford information)