Inserting Existing Reports Into Main Reports / Remaining

5. When you select a report to become the sub report, its path appears in the Report File Name box. Click OK on the Insert Sub report dialog box. The sub report object attaches to your mouse pointer. Place the sub report where you want it to print by clicking in that section.

6. Open the Preview tab to view the main report and the sub report you just added. You may need to resize or reposition the sub report, or ma­nipulate some formatting so that it looks good in the main report.

After you’ve added the sub report to the main report, notice the sub report Design tab next to the Preview tab of the main report. This (ab allows you to edit the sub report at any time. To edit the sub report from within the main report, double-click the sub report object or select the sub report and click edit, Sub report. And, of course, there is yet another way to edit the sub report. Select the sub report, right-click, and choose Edit Sub report from true shortcut menu.

It is important to note that any editing you do to the sub report in this way does not automatically save back to the original report that you added to the main report. The sub report is part of the main report at this point, not a separate entity. The changes you make on the sub report Design tab save only in the main report. When you click Save, you arc saving the main report and the sub report within it as one .RPT file.