International Mother Language Day Reminds The Worth of Speaking in The Language of a Society

The Internatinal Mother Language Day will be observed in all member countries of the United Nations on the 21st February.There may be elaborate programs in all the countries to honor the mother languages of communities in the particular countries.There may be activities on how all the mother languages may be saved from extinction and how the languages may be improved retaining their originality and heritage.The activities may also include the compilation,documentation and popularization of the treasures of languages.The treasures may include literary works

like novels,poetry,essays,folk culture,songs,dances,sayings,stories and all relevant things.Research to collect,collate and archiving all these aspects may also be initiated.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that the the event ‘International Mother Language Day” was based on the historical movement of  Bengali youths who demanded the introduction of Bengali as the mother language in the former East Pakistan.The authority  denied their rightful demand and resorted to repressive measures.The youths

did not yield to the repressive measures and continued their peaceful movements.The movement reached its peak on the 21st February,1952 fired bullets on the peaceful demonstration of students in Dhaka.The bullets killed a number of students.They were Salam,Rafique,Jabbar,Barkat,Barkat,Shafiullah and Abdul Awal.The killing created great agony and anger among the whole Bengali speaking population of former East Pakistan and involved them in stronger movement.A Shahid Minar (  Monument) was erected overnight on the spot where the youths were killed at the side of Dhaka Medical College opposite to Dhaka University campus.The killing added a day mourning for all Bengali people and lovers of mother languages around the world.On this day every year peoples from all walks of like and from all age groups come to the Central Shahid Minar at Dhaka where they place wreaths and bouquets of flowers on the base of the Minar.The

President,Prime Minister and leaders of political,cultural and social groups spontaneously come here to show respect the myrtyrs of language movement.The people of the whole country also observe the day at theshahid minars erected at the district and subdistrict levels.

The urge and passion of Bengali peoples brought the ssue to the world body,the UN which now promotes the worth of mother language.The UNESCO declared the day as International Mother Language Day which was subsequently approved by the general body of the UN.An agency has been created in Bangladesh to deal with all aspects of the languages of the world.

The language is the greatest means or tool share ideas and communication.The passion involved with the mother tongue is sacred.Let’s honor the passion of mother languages of the world.