International Training Institutes

International Training Institutes to Establish/Enhance/Expand any local Youth Court or Teen Court diversion program is made for those who are enthusiastic about establishing or enhancing a nearby juvenile justice diversion program, sometimes called youth court, teen court, peer court, student court and youth peer panel. Individuals fairly recent to these youth justice programs, people who have never attended one of these simple intensive 3-day trainings, and people who are somewhat new adult staff/adult volunteers, working full or part-time inside an existing local youth court/teen court should participate in this training institute. We encourage teams of 2-5 adults to venture to and take part in these trainings for reasons improved outcomes upon being home for your community to ascertain or enhance a local youth court or teen court juvenile justice diversion program. Approximately half the participants at our International Training Institutes come alone along with the other half as teams.

Training topics being covered include training adult and youth volunteers, offering quality community service programs and services, mock family intake meetings, implementing operational and administrative procedures, sorts of juvenile crimes and offenses qualified to apply for referral and disposition, identifying funding and resources, legal and liability issues, partnerships with MOU’s, program evaluation/satisfaction, juvenile referral sources, implementation/enhancement of programmatic elements, grant writing, identifying public and private resources along with other operational and administrative aspects. All training sessions come about in the Fremont Hotel. Once we receive both your registration form and registration fee, we are going to both mail and email the particular Conference Code for booking the low rates in the Fremont Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. We negotiated great reduced rates with a great location, so take a few extra days for you – you deserve it. Room availability at those low rates take a first come first severed basis given our contract – so register early and book your rooms once confirmed to venture to. A representative on the school said that they had informed students of program cancellations and would reimburse students the tuition fees for the exact same.

The Division has added policy analysis courses in its program since 1998. As PIDE is one of the institutes designated because of the Government of Pakistan for promotion-related capacity building of civil servants of several occupational, the sheer numbers of courses for being administered as of this campus may be increasing. The Division has broad links and information-sharing channels for some other national and international training institutes. Besides training, the Division also makes a contribution to research and development activities of PIDE through its projects and programs. The education and Project Evaluation Division conducts specialized in-service training courses in Economic Planning and Management for development of practitioners in government or semi-government departments and in autonomous development organizations. Aim is always to get the operational skills with the participants for them to successfully plan and assess every aspect of development projects. It covers all sectors with the economy for instance agriculture, industry, livestock, water, power, transport, education, and health.