Internet Between The Pros And Cons

I’ll show you in this article detailed explanation about the advantages of network (Internet) and disadvantages, and I shall endeavor to provide a solution that ensures proper safety and security for all.
Let me start talking to you about the advantages of this network with the knowledge that the advantages superior to the disadvantages by not you expect any if we gave a percentage of the pros, they will receive 99% of the total vote, the disadvantages do not constitute more than one percent remaining!!
The Internet is the first advantages of access to information from various fields (such as medicine, engineering, sciences, languages, living and miscellaneous crafts that can not be counted).
The second thing is universal access to free e-mail from several companies and search engines and other specialized institutions in the technical field.
You can through the Internet web site design shows a lot about you and your organization and your ideas, creativity and personal experiences …..
You can organize an exhibition on Ahabkp This exhibition brings the largest number of visitors throughout the world shows that the opposite thing for taking character locally, regionally or even on the continent.
By the net can work in commerce and e-marketing and the conclusion of contracts and transactions with companies all the world!
You can store the opening of the Internet e-rate does not exceed 5% of the price of a traditional store, in some cases, profits and net profit of more than ten times the traditional store!!
Finally, you can Bdavlatk access to e-government, which is the product to evolve naturally from this method and means of communication where the associated ministries and state institutions to each other.
Note: I can not Ahabkp knowledge of all the features but I will just so much of features as the advantages of the Internet are endless.
Disadvantages and damages resulting from the Internet
Now I’m going to the secret of some of the disadvantages of the Internet, taking into account the arrival of this article into the hands of our children from the new generation:
Highlighted the bad of the Internet are pornographic sites, and is intended to those sites offering video immoral and forbidden relationships and friendships illegal to all religions and laws.
Not to exploit the Internet in the areas of knowledge calculated Xiip other disadvantages as the destruction of young people by the chat and other chat programs has become a prominent feature of the collapse of the New Youth, unfortunately.
Weakness of confidentiality and access the hacker and harmful viruses by contacting all of this contributes to the destruction of the entity steel for your computer.
The solution is currently available semi-
There is no technical solutions to such problems and disadvantages, and not in our hands so far the only solution not only a religious and moral deterrent to Arab youth no matter where we are our progress in this area is technical, there are more and more experienced terrorists in the area of programming illegal
In conclusion, the word:
In the end I think it is a personal view that the best solution is to continue the deployment of advocacy of religious publications in all media from print, radio and television and even the Internet itself!!
After that is necessary to prepare the sessions and workshops continuing on this area until we reach the Internet to the highest goals which meet the needs of the market and the fight against unemployment and dissemination of knowledge.