Internet TV Allows You to Watch Live TV Online On Your Computer

The television. Just like everyone, you most probably sit down in front of the television very often to relax and just ‘see what’s going on TV’. You want to be entertained. You want to laugh. You want to be excited. You want to learn something new. Or you could very simply just want to catch up with the news.

But if there is one thing that bugs you, it is paying for the bills of your cable or satellite subscription. Yes I can understand that totally.

Over the last few decades, the computer and the internet has grown to be something that a very big part of our everyday lives. We use it in the office, in schools and classrooms, out at Starbucks. Some people even have their own “computer room” in their homes.

Why not bring it to the living room?

Now there is a way because now you can watch television on your computer simply by having this software called Satellite Direct installed on your PC or Mac. And you are not just limited to your local TV station or what’s provided by your cable company. Since the whole world is connected over the internet, you are able to watch TV from around the world. That’s over 3,500 channels from over 90 countries around the world.

You can watch all kinds of channels — sports, news, movies, documentaries, TV shows, music and entertainment, or your regular local channels.

You would think that a product like Satellite Direct will charge you a very high upfront fee and then proceed to continue charging you an exorbitant amount month after month. That’s not the case at all with this software. On the contrary, instead of asking you to pay the regular price of $149.95, they are selling this software at only $49.95. That’s half the price of a regular cable subscription.

And that is all you pay. After you have paid, downloaded and installed the software, you can start watching any of the 3,500 channels from all around the world you wish. There is no subscription or monthly fees at all.

It is that simple. There isn’t any complicated hardware which you need to install and get connected and all that nonsense. Just buy it, download it, install it and you are good to go.

You can watch TV from around the world any time of the day you like — 24/7 access. There isn’t any bandwidth limitation or cap either. You can watch TV when you like, as long as you like and as much as you like. You also get auto channel updates as well.

There is one slight problem with the software though. They claim that you can watch TV in HD quality using this software but as we all know, television stations are not quite there yet. So it will only be in the regular TV resolution and not HD. This is not a big deal as long as you get to watch your channels, right?

In short, you will want to check out Satellite Direct and cancel your cable subscription once you’ve downloaded it.