Interpersonal Relationships

Every individual harbors for someone to trust on, a best friend to turn to at any time, and
also feels confident during his/her presence. It is often denied by most individuals as we
taught to be rugged and self-reliant. We always want to develop a good interpersonal
relationship so that we have people around to express our feelings to. We always are in
need of good listeners.

Therapists and Psychologists always believe that it is of supreme importance to have
a social circle, good friends to rely on and to share yours thoughts and feeling. In
fact, many are of the opinion that good friends are even better than vitamins that you
intake. Now the question arises how to build a strong social network and improve your
relationships. Below are a few tips for that.

• Attention: We are always told that children seek attention but it’s not true. The
truth is every individual wants attention and by the right person and at right time
and in right place. The hearth of building interpersonal relationship is how we
give attention, with warmth, respect and sincerity.

• Acceptance: We should be ready to accept someone as he or she is, without trying
to change him or her. Not liking something in someone should not be the reason
to dismiss them as not up to your standard. We should not treat anyone as second
class citizen, even unknowingly.