Interpreting Dreams of Sucess

The Ancient Greeks saw dreams as either prophetic or warning in nature.  In dreams, imagery tends to be symbolic, representing incidents, present problems and events that are yet to be.  Scenes, people and objects may not necessarily represent themselves.  It is important to remember that some symbols might mean one thing to one person and another to someone else therefore when interpreting dreams, if the interpretations I suggest of the symbols don’t ring true for you, spend time meditating on the symbol to work out what your dreams might mean.

Dreams of Advancement

Dreams of advancement – no matter what the area – is a sign that success is coming your way very soon.    Even dreams that include witnessing a friend advance are favourable, suggesting that someone is going to take on a new position of responsibility and this will be for the good of your relationship.

Wealth and Money in Dreams

Wealth and affluence are signs of success.  Is this confirmed through dreams?  Well, to dream of being wealthy suggests that your social-circle will include people who aren’t exactly hard-up!  Now dreams can mean different things to different people, and especially if you are female, and say, in your early twenties, to dream of wealth could perhaps speak of the desire to ‘escape your responsibilities’.  Maybe it’s time to have a re-think about your attitude towards your home-life and other commitments?

Dreams in which you are ‘oozing money’ suggest that you will be willing to dedicate yourself to overcoming whatever lies ahead, thus leading to eventual success.

I have to mention that any dream of progress upward is generally a good sign, especially if you  do reach the top.  If, you don’t get to the apex, then you must expect a few stumbling blocks to litter your way before you achieve the success you desire.  Such dreams as climbing, demonstrates this point.   To dream that you are climbing a hill, or mountain, and you reach the summit tells you that you will  be able to overcome any hurdle that gets in your way.   However, if you fail to reach the top, there’s the chance that the outcome of a special endeavour, will not be as expected.

Many people talk about the ‘ladder of success’ and, if in your dream, you climb a ladder to the last rung, business success is a strong possibility.  But, what does it mean if the ladder breaks?  Well, this could warn you that you’re swimming out of your depth, or, an accident may temporary block your progress.

Certificates and Trophies in Dreams

Certificates, trophies and diplomas are often the result of success.  To dream that you are handed any of these suggests the likelihood that you are neglecting your own talents.  Putting more time and attention to your own, innate abilities, could lead to success.

Fame and fortune are other signs of success, but, does dreaming of fame naturally indicate such an achievement?  Actually, this is one of those deceptive dreams.  It holds a warning that if the dreamer is not careful, failure could be the result.  Dreaming of famous people, however, can suggest your own possible rise to such circles.

Keep a tight hold on the purse strings if you dream of being fortunate in love.  For it is likely that you could lose a lot of cash through speculative ventures!

Dreams that Suggest Success

Now, what kind of dreams denote success?  Well, I’ve already mentioned climbing, and reaching the top of the hill, but gold too, is a sign of success.  Yes, if you handle gold in your dreams, you could be surprised at your achievements.    Finding gold suggests that you have it within your power to reach positions which others too, are striving towards.  Losing gold is the sad indication that you could miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity through carelessness. 

And, for a woman to dream of receiving gifts of gold, then it could be that she is about to meet (and even marry) a very wealthy but money-grubbing fellow!