Interracial relationship/marriage

Along with the mixture is the acceptance, adaptation and embracing of one’s differences. There are many difficulties associated with the interracial relationship but there are still plenty of successes in the world today. The common interracial relationships are: Asian-Caucasian, Asian-African, African-Caucasian, Native American- Caucasian, Native American-Asian, and Native American-African. The Mediterranean race has less mixture of other races due to a tight belief of their religion and culture but there are few who also belong to this mixture.

As my personal experiences there are many factors that may be good, exciting and then later becomes a problem inside an interracial relationship but there are countermeasures as long as both of the parties work to solve the differences. Rule of the thumb, you are not to change your partner but accept what they are. If you cannot take the person as (s)he is to begin the relationship with better find someone who is closer to your preferences and stick with it. Below are some of the challenges of an interracial relationship/marriage.

Dating – when you’re just dating, the two have a pretty high interest with each other since it’s different from the normal. Both are enticed with the color of the skin, the smell, the face features, the beliefs and many more. But you have to pass the dating stage just like the normal dating. Women should still pass the first date, that is no sex at all and do it when the two of you are already familiar with each other. It is still good to experience one another; the intimate things will go smoother.

Language – this is the best tool for communication. You should agree on the common language, anyways if you talk to each other everyday you’d get more fluent but for the other language; the partner should try to learn it as well by attending school or attending tutorials. This way the two can talk in 2 languages and would not be tiresome for the other one.

Education – this is very important in any race especially the Caucasian people. A person who was better education means better life. Make sure the couple are compatible with education so in the future when money is involved they don’t compete with who should give the money and absorb the money. However, there are men especially in Caucasian-Asian mix that wives are mostly just at home taking care of the household.

Money – this is one of the top reasons why people divorce. One should be financially independent from the other or at least can sustain expenses or with good agreement about it. Usually, Caucasian and African people are good earners and most of them expect their partners to do the same.

Religion – this affects the way of living for the couple. The two must discuss the difference and should have a common religion to attend. Or less there wouldn’t be a family if the two celebrate spirituality in a separate manner.

Important Keys for success:

Communication – men cannot understand signs and body gestures so words are needed to communicate what woman wants to point. If there are problems that needed to be solve, the couple should listen without defending themselves or articulating the other. Being too articulating makes the other one closes emotions resulting to resentment. The couple shouldn’t sleep without finishing unfinished arguments. Arguments are healthy when they are spoken and no physical battering. Like the normal marriage, communication plays a big role. Communication in an interracial relationship should be more intense since most of the time only one common language is used.

Trust – this is very essential foundation of a relationship. Since the two have many differences to begin with, at least the loyalty, honest and integrity is there. This promotes comfort and contentment in a relationship. If trust is destroyed, the two will feel that they have to do constant protection of their emotions, their money and they are always in a look out.

Acceptance – men should accept the woman the way they are including all the changes that they would undergo with respect to the new location, the climate, the society, money and etc. Women should accept the way the men are and not the potential guy. Some women get married expecting men to change for the better but actually they get even worst. Acceptance promotes intimacy.

Commitment – when you commit yourself to the other, you commit to accept the way she/he really is including the backgrounds and any thing different from where he comes from. When you commit, you are responsible about fighting the conflicts that are brought about the uniqueness.

Love – genuine love is also saying I see you in the future. If there is no love, there’s no commitment and acceptance. Like any relationship you need this ingredient to live a happy life. Loving the person without prejudice of where she/he comes from.