Iphone Nexus One

While recently, Apple has launched a new round of arms products (the iPad , the iPhone 4 , the iOS4 , or even many new applications compatible with these products), Google is preparing its response to the mobile Nexus One, Android.

Smartphone war, war of operating systems, but also advertising war between IADs and AdMob, and finally, downstream of war mobile operators, Vodafone, Orange and Bouygues Telecom s’écharpant already offer the best packages mobile phone to the iPhone 4 .

Advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone’s 4 or Nexus One
Two different conceptions behind two smartphones, the iPhone 4 and the Nexus One.

  • The features of Google Phone Nexus One. Its benefits are undeniable: a stylish design (also inspired by the iPhone, but a bit more rounded), a very large screen: 3.7 “, 11.5 mm and with thickness. The Google phone’s touch screen (touchscreen) is as successful as the iPhone, however no function multitouch, unlike the Apple smartphone. A unique advantage of the Nexus One, it has a feature allowing it to transform voice into text: Talk for writing SMS messages or emails! The camera Nexus One is 5 megapixels, it has autofocus and an LED flash.
  • The iPhone 4 is 9.3 millimeters thick, slightly less than the Nexus One, and much less than the 3G. 4 The iPhone also incorporates a front camera, a slot for a micro-SIM card, a flash, LED, and especially a longer battery life. Aesthetically, it is particularly elegant with the iPhone screen is really beautiful.
  • Comparison of the operating system of Google Phone Nexus One, Android, with the iPhone 4, iOS4
  • Android is based on Linux, and your Nexus One goes directly to your Google Docs in your Gmail, Google Maps (the coup, the GPS becomes useless due to the geolocation functionality of your mobile phone). The major advantage of Android is that it is based on free software, contrary to Apple. The equivalent of Google Phone in the Apple AppStore will be the Android Market . Here is a list of the best free apps for Android .
  • The iOS4 advantages in size compared to the previous operating system for smartphones from Apple, including multitasking, the topic, organizing your inbox, create folders “Apps” with the ‘iOS4, changing or creating wallpapers … it is a free download on the official site of Apple, especially to update your iPod Touch or iPhone 3G.

Note: the release of the latest Google Android Smartphone, the Nexus S, was announced December 6, 2010: complete information on the Nexus One here.