Irish Protesters Storm Parliament Over Bailout

Today, during a planned demonstration in Dublin, a group of protesters removed themselves from the protest and stormed the gates of parliament. Police got involved and at least one person was injured. The police were holding back the group in order to secure the gates to the main parliament building. No one was arrested.

The groups that planned the originally peaceful protest, are stating their opposition to their government. Specifically, they are opposing their government taking billions of Euros in loan to bail themselves out.

Same story, different country (remember Greece, last week). For all of the dirty details, you can refer to what is happening in Greece right now. I can’t write much more, without repeating myself excessively. Please see the following articles that explain more about what is going on in Europe with the IMF, EU, and the Federal Reserve. There is more than meets the eye. Especially the dollar amount that the U.S. has likely contributed. I’ll warn you,its not pretty, be prepared to get very upset…

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