Is Education Important For Malaysian?

“Here comes the National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs)!” This is what in the mind of every Malaysian today, as it is the plan from our government to realize the 2020 Vision, which is initiated by our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad. However, does Malaysian really knows what the NKEAs is and what it covers? In fact, the National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) is part of the NKEAs and it includes education in it. This is what the government has come out with, to promote the importance of education especially in rural areas. As a Malaysian, we must support and make the idea a reality.

First of all, we must understand the plans and ideas by our government. Our government has started to study and classify schools into its respective band according to their performance, where band 1 is the best performing schools, where else band 7 is the low performing schools. Up to date, more than 2000 schools have been ranked. By doing so, the government will be able to track down all the ‘not so good’ schools (10% from the bottom of the list) and give them the training according to their needs. Based on this system, underperforming schools in rural area would be given attention and help will arrive when necessary. By understanding our government plans, we would be able to spread the news to the others, who doesn’t know it. This is the first step towards success because all plans can only be successful, when there are people who understand it.

Besides that, participating in the programs organized by our government could also help to improve the outcome of our government plan. All the events and programs organized by the government have undergone strict supervision and all of them are held in conjunction with the government plan. For example the government has been inviting college and university representatives from all around the country, to enlighten NS trainees’ education pathway. By participating in the program, students would realise the benefits of studying as those representatives are professionals in inviting students to join their respective school. Students will be exposed to the information such as “What will happen if they don’t study?” Once they knew the cruel truth that lies beyond the answer, they would realise the importance of education. This is one fine example of the effort carried out by our government to promote the importance of education especially in rural areas and to make the idea a success, we must participate in it.

On top of that, we must voice out with a suitable medium if we think that there are flaws in the idea concerning education by our government. Recently, I have seen a minority group of ‘barbaric’ Malaysian causing chaos in our beloved country by acting and speaking like a barbarian. This shows that they are not well educated and it is a disgrace to the name of Malaysian. As a Malaysian, or as a human, I strongly feel the importance of education when I am facing these ‘barbarians’ because if I have a good understanding in law, which is part of our education, I can easily send them behind the bars.  When we voice something out in the correct manner, our government would be able to look into these flaws with the hope of getting its ‘remedy’. As time passes by, our education system would be better and better and the effort in the production of knowledge-worker within the nation is going to be a success. Thus, to have a plan to be successful, we must always look for its flaw and voice it out properly, so that improvement could be made.

In conclusion, there are many ways to contribute to a successful plan. To the date, we have the NKEAs going on and it is our obligation to make it successful. Therefore, all people in the nation should work together and do whatever we need to make it a success, such as understanding the plan, participate in the programs or events held by the government and voice out the flaws in the plan properly. By doing so, we have already did our part as a Malaysian.