Is Greed Good?

If I were to ask most people if greed is a good trait or a bad one, most would choose the latter. This has led me to ponder on why greed is viewed by people to be bad. Some of the conclusions I came up with include the church’s view of wealthy individuals. For as long as I can remember the church has always associated greed with wealth thus vilifying wealthy individuals. But the truth is that not all wealthy people are greedy and vice versa. When people think of greed they probably associate it with an early child hood memory of that Timmy in the playground that kept hogging all the toys and not sharing. The teacher probably pointed out Timmy and yelled “stop being greedy share the toys with everyone.” That memory could have been the reason you associated greed with bad behavior. One can conclude that the reason we perceive a trait as good or bad is a reflection of our environment growing up.

If one were to let go of such view and look at it from a different point of view. Greed is the main motivator in life. Think about it if it weren’t for people being greedy nobody would have aspired to do their best. If I can make enough to live by doing a what I already do there is no reason to do any better to get a raise, right? If you can imagine a world where everyone is satisfied with what they need we would not be where we are today. Everything we use in everyday life wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the aspiration of a company to make more profit by creating this improvement. Greed is what motivates those who already have enough to get more. For example you might think why would any millionaire or billionaire continue working? They have more than enough to last them in this life time and the next if they needed. But the human instinct to reach higher and have more than other motivates them to keep working. The ironic thing about this is that their greed is beneficial to others. When said billionaire expands his operations that means jobs for hundreds if not thousands of new employees. To conclude, while many view greed as a bad thing it might not be so bad after all, you just need to look at it from all of its aspects not just one side of the argument.