Is it beauty that you see?

Do you look up to the sky and see the clouds move slowly together.

No human could move the cotton wool looking clouds, not ever,

Do you see the sun appear from behind them and throw rays of light,

Down to the earth between the clouds. So beautiful and bright.

Do you see the birds fly together in the sky, swooping?

Down, around, then back up like it’s a game they’re playing.

Did you see the many colors on their little bodies and wings?

Nothing sounds nicer than when one of these pretty birds sings.

Do you take a minute to look at the beautiful trees?

As they sway slowly and in time with the breeze.

They are not just pretty, but breathe out oxygen so we can live.

And look at the different shapes and colors, such pleasure they give.

Did you notice what was happening around the lake?

Watch the ripples of a stone thrown in, how long will it take.

Bigger and wider they grow long after the stone has sank,

On and on until they reach the leafy bank.

Did you ever see on certain sunny but showery days.

The beautiful rainbow and notice how long it stays.

Its colors are better than any human could make.

Not appreciate its brightness and its beauty is a mistake.

Have you noticed what all these things have in common, they’re all free.

The clouds the birds the lake the tree, Nature has put them there for us all to see.

Now when your walking through the park there’s so much to see, you can choose,

or will you only really notice the mud on your shoes?