Is it Important For Your Girl to be Virgin?


At first it was difficult to think differnet from conventional line of thought that accecpts the above statment.  Everyone know it is wrong but is difficult to live with.  with a little thought i came across following thought.  I am a person of limited intelect so would like suggestion and comments correction from who so ever happen to read this articl of mine.

The past had been present sometime ago. So i think studying the past will give crucial study of how and who r u building the relationship with.

Humm lets think this way instead of jumbling arround past future and present. Dont you think it is a matter of discipline that one endows in their life. It is like some people who always wake up at 6 and take bath with normal water. Like the vegetarians, like monks and sadhus (the true ones i mean) who give up worldly pleasures. Isn’t like following Driglam namzha in doing anything. the ways of doing the stuffs in a disciplined manner as tough and easy to give up. And being difficult to folllow brings the statment like the one u have mentioned to comfort oneself. Think clearly dude!! Like wise it is a discipline for many to be vergin to marriage and be fully faithfull.

If that was not enough let me give u an example. say the girl u married does not value this sexual discipline. Say she had some number of mates in the town. Now say you as a married husband working for some firm has to go out of town for some time (like one month), what would u expect from your wife with number of her bf freely available in the town. Do u see the value of discipline? It is the very foundation of family life. As u say of past.  “The husband would be a past thing for one month whom she had forgotten and would remember again after he arrives back” — can this be possible in this example I have cited?  Anyway I am sure that you have got an idea how a simple thing as decipline be such a crutial element in building a family life.  And as said a good family creat good citizen and a good citizen make a good country.  I think it is necessay for every country to give a good emphasis on this issue rather seriously.

Now lets see what if a girl is a virgin till her marriage.  I think it is a bold statement to her partner that she has never practiced adultery and is disciplined in her sexual behavior. Thus she can also demand the same from her partner. Else everyone is independent with whom to share what.  It is a matter of philosophy and what ones minds accept after all. What ever it is it is the very foundation of a happy family living. And i say the light hearted statement like urs is a derogative in the very foundation of a family life of any society.

last but not the least it equally applies to a guy.

I agree one should follow one heart but one never know if the heart that u follow is not influenced by the external environmet. Like media, like porn flims, like the ads that we see and like the comment that people make on facebook or social sites.  How can we say that wht we believe is the clear truth.  Sometime it is true that one know what is write and what is wrong but give up for doing the right thing is tough or the peers or people arround influence you.  A good teacher, parent, and a guid would say follow a degnified and a pure living.  As for realigion it tells one ot  elivate urself from worldly pleasures.  It tells one to how to live a deciplined and degnified way of living.  It teaches not to be swayed by worldly peleasures.

I know the thing i have said may be difficult to carryout on life but atlest the thoughts that you have can be  make them independent of any attachements or emotions or external influence.  Thus one would atleast be able to think in a reasonable way.

Wriiting well and playing with words can have very influential effect on peoples line of thought so never be drifted by the wht u read or see or hear in internet, media, or any other sources.  Just learn to use ones thought and to judege what is wrong or write.  Do tell me if you find it true what you have read in this article of mine.