Is It Worth Buying a Treadmill

Before you ever go to the expense or invest in the time of buying any type of fitness equipment for the home there are some things that you should consider.

If you choose running as your exercise you know you are going to burn a lot of calories. The person who is average in size can very easily burn up around 200 or little more calories in slightly less than half an hour with no problem at all. Running will slow down muscle and bone loss because it is physically demanding and your body will respond to it. Even just walking is good for your heart and how many times have you heard that a heart patient is told to get out and walk by their doctor? A fast walk will also burn calories, about half of those used in running in the same amount of time.

Having your own treadmill in your house has many advantages over going outside and either walking, jogging or running. For one thing your environment is controlled. Rain, snow or excessive heat is not going to be a problem as the temperature is controlled by the thermostat in the house. A very good thing about the treadmill is the extra padding on the deck that lowers the heavy impact to both your knees and feet that a good workout on concrete gives. It’s easy to keep to a set time for your exercise if you have a treadmill in your home. A treadmill allows you to set and control your pace. Since the equipment is yours it will be used every time, this is an advantage in your workouts as there are differences in treadmills even of the same model and brand. One might have a different belt tension or better lubrication and this makes a difference. Because you are using the same machine you can better control your own workout.

However, without a doubt what is of prime importance boils down to are you actually going to use the treadmill that you buy as it should be used and not just once or twice and from then on all the exercise you get is from dusting it off? There are a great many people with good intentions out there buying exercise equipment, books, videos and gym memberships who quit going to the gym after a time or two. They probably sincerely want to get healthy, have lean sleek bodies and loose weight but they seem to lack dedication and will power in general. So everything they purchased sits there. If you should decide that a treadmill is in order and you will use it, do some homework and make a schedule for yourself. Decide when you can comfortably make time for your workout. Do not be too rambunctious in the beginning and make the first workout so grueling that you never want to see it again. If you can not work on the treadmill at least three times a week or a little more it would be better not to buy it. This is not an inexpensive object to have sitting around. When you start this program do not burn yourself out the first week or two, this is a long time commitment. Take the time and investigate the different treadmill machines. Be realistic and you will be able to stay with it and in return you will find an improvement in your health and stamina.

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