Is Love The Nectar of Life?

I loved my younger sister too much”- Jeevan Babu blurted out in my last encounters with him. I looked at him with my mouth agape in wonder. During the bygones of one decade, he had hardly mentioned about his sister.

“Where is she”- I asked him?

“America, she had gone there with her husband before seventeen years”- He told me.

“Now I hear that she has earned a degree and a job in that remote land”- He added.

“After she went, I felt the pangs of depression. My home was almost empty for I was not married”- He was narrating.

He said that he kept on looking at the photo of his sister. He heard his own sighs and wiped his tears while sleeping in the night. During the wee hours, he found as though he was sagging down in an unknown abyss. Something was killing him. Finally, he went to his Homeopath and took doses of medicine. Mental depression was taking its toll.

His sister did something truly unanticipated. She cut off all the chords of relationship after she set her feet on the land of liberty.

“Neither phone-calls nor a letter, she made me sit with my fingers crossed. One day, I realized that I had lost her for good. She was not interested to have any relationship with me because I was poorer than her well-placed husband in the States”- He said with a sigh as I heard.

He spent his days in this plight for three years. Until the day, he married. As his woman arrived at his home, there was a feeling of new lease of life.

“My spouse was quick in grasping the situations and set things up faster than my expectation”- He explained.

She was expecting after one year of their marriage. She gave birth to twins (one son and daughter) in a private hospital of the city.

But something hurt Jeevan Babu as he saw his daughter. Unknowingly he had begun to hate females from deep inside.

“Had you become a misogynist”- I asked him, knowing for sure that the incident of his sister had deeply upset him.

“Was he unaware that women could change their colors likes chameleons”- I thought?

“No, the incident of my sister had shattered me. But there was a new self-realization in the offing”-He explained.

He refused to love his daughter for a few years. But there was something in her appearance, quite appealing. She would come and cry to be taken in his arms but my friend ignored her.

Until one day, realization flashed on him that his daughter was a carbon copy of his sister. She had brought a lot of resemblance in her appearance with his sister. In fact, this unfolded as his daughter would grow up. But she always carried on the insistence to snuggle up to her father only to be ignored in the end. Everybody in the family hated this habit of her father and wondered that how a wise man like my friend could have disowned his own daughter.

One day, while my friend was kissing his son, the daughter approached him. She hugged her father and besought to be taken in his arms. My friend was in a hurry to leave, for which he pushed her away. But this time, he was unaware that his daughter could get hurt for she dashed her head when the shove came from her father. As she wept bitterly, it was as if my friend was shaken out of his unconsciousness. He realized for the first time that he was committing something wrong. Then at the instant, he took his daughter and began crying miserably with the little angel. It was for the first time realization flashed upon him that hating her was a gross mistake.

After sometime, he sat in silence and wrote a letter to his estranged sister:

My dear sister Rosy,

Hope that you are fine at that far-off land. After so many years of separation from you, today I have been blessed with this divine understanding that love is the real ambrosia. That if you have lost or been separated and you feel the miseries of getting deprived then please do not commit the mistake of hating that person or object. Carry on the flame of love within your being. Unselfish love is real nectar and it will surely heal you of your loss and sorrow. Unselfish love without any expectation is really procreative.

I was miserable from the thought that I have lost you forever. But somewhere in the corner of my heart, I kept on loving you. That divine love reincarnated in flesh and blood; it resulted in the birth of my daughter. My daughter has the redoubled zeal to fill up the void in her father’s heart.

Rosy, I request you not to write back to me but I do promise, I will love you with the same spirit of ether.

Bless you.

Your brother


I sighed as he completed his story. My friend patted my back as he said- “Dear buddy, never hate anybody if you have lost anything. Love the person. Real love is always unselfish and divine. It will bring back whatever you have lost. The matter is only time”.

Srikant Mohanty