Is Reading Bygone For New Age?


I truly deem “Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.” These, I believe, are core principles which can augment ones personality. The cornerstone for a polished personality is reading and everything sources here.  Thought, intelligence, wit, logic and reason can only be built if you have firm roots of knowledge.  To build knowledge right way you require extra inputs, which most importantly come from reading.

The biggest causality of today is time. The present age has no time. They have segmented so much in 24 hours that reading has taken a backseat. Gen Y thinks reading to be a trivial stuff. A gentle brush up of morning newspaper, a small news clip as passing read, or a quick update on cell would suffice for day to day awareness. 

But where are those thoughtful and timeless reading sessions. They seem to have been long gone, eagerly replaced by internet surfing, TV, gaming and gadgets. Somewhere down the line reading habit needs to inculcate for our future generations.   

So here are some quick tips to make reading a habit, for anyone (Child, Teen, Adult and even Old) 

Library is a cool place! Regardless of the falling trend for people to visit library, it is essential to visit library at atleast once in week. Finding oneself surrounded by such volumes instinctively inspires a person to grab one or two and start reading. Plus it is absolutely free stuff waiting there to be read. 

Interest Specific Reading – Everyone have their own reading tastes. To inculcate reading as a habit, start with interest specific books. This will help you be motivated for reading. And once you catch this habit you’ll be ready to read any genre of book. Remember once reading habit is inculcated, it seldom breaks off. You see, it’s infectious!

Set a Goal – Jot down a list of great books you would like to read, and aim to read them within a specified time. This inspires and keeps you on your toes. 

How Erudite you get – Books give what is characteristic of being human and essential requirement to be human – “Knowledge”. Think, get inspired about how erudite and deep you would get once your habit is firmly built. Reading broadens your horizon and adds immense capability to mind. If you want to increase your creativity power, let reading be one of the essential sources.

Buy Books! Gift Books – Try investing some of your budget for a new book or even consider gifting someone a book. Buying gifts a reading habit to you and gifting branches it out another. 

Plan out – If you aren’t self driven with reading, just plan out. Consider a specific time of the day when you would be reading. The amount does not matter when you’re a beginner, it’s just the regularity. So even if you read a page or two, it will just add in the long run to make your reading habit stronger. 

Reading is a habit which needs to be developed and has to be revived. The benefits of reading are plenty and there are no negatives to count.  More than anything one should ,“Read not to contradict and confute, not to believe and take for granted, not to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider”  as beautifully said Sir Francis Bacon.