Is Talking Dirty Okay in a Relationship?

Though most people consider it a turn off, dirty talk is quite a powerful stimulant to turn on your partner. So why do many people get turned off by it? Simply because this talk is usually associated with the kind of stuff one hears in a porn flick. However, the reality is that being vocal about your wants and needs and moreover, about whether your partners actions are satisfying you or not are essential for a healthy and happening sex life. Remember, dirty talk is not just about the raunchy stuff, being romantic and sensual is the key to doing it right. Here’s how you must talk dirty without sounding crass: 

That thing you do: 
Telling him/her about what turns you on, what kind of action you crave, your deepest sexual fantasies is a good habit. Also, even in the course of the act, be sexily vocal about the actions that please you. Remember, your partner isn’t a mind reader and unless you talk about it, he/she won’t know if they are doing something wrong.

Sweet nothings: 

No you don’t have to engage in sex talk everyday, whispering sweet nothings to your partner can also do the trick just as effectively. Call your partner up during work hours and whisper your action packed plans for the evening. Even if you are assigning your partner a chore like picking up something from the market, talk softly and seductively enough for him/her to be able to feel your breath on his/her ear.

It’s all about sensuality: 

Talking dirty isn’t about sounding crass, vulgar and cheap; it’s about making a sensual and teasing verbal contact with your partner. Talk your way through the act and watch how he/she responds with added enthusiasm. Touch his/her lips with your fingertips telling them to meet you in the bedroom. Sit your partner down for a seductive striptease and tell them exactly what you are planning to do. Things like this will go a long way to up the level of action between the sheets.

Increase your vocabulary: 

If threes one thing that will really turn on the heat, it’s the usage of new terms and words while talking dirty with your partner. Here again we aren’t talking about porn style dirty, but you can innovate on routine talk by perhaps referring to each other’s bodies in newer and more colorful ways. Be more specific when telling your partner about the type of action you desire. Describe your desires in vivid detail, telling them step by step what you would like them to do and what you want to do to them in return.


Those who indulge in it will rave about how a bit of role-play once in a while does wonder to spice the action up a notch or two. Make a list of roles that of you can dress, talk and act. Use your role to the best of your advantage and order your partner to do the things you want him/her to do to you. Be firm and confident and use terms like You have to do everything I say, I’ll be in the bedroom, meet me there, What about a shower together.