Is There an Easy Way to Get Through Nursing School?

AA program

It’s much easier to get accepted into an AA program and much easier to pass it too. The requirements are less rigorous and less expensive. You should try this first. No nursing student should work themselves hard at the BS level at first. You can always come back to get your BS after you work a year or two. You don’t need to be in a BS program to get a license. You will make the same amount of money as a BS applicant anyways, except that they can go into management early on. It’s not your priority to get into a BS program.

Be financially prepared

If you’re not financially prepared, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You should have an extra $5-10K for use. You need to buy books, pay for classes and buy clinical equipments. If you don’t have these, you might have to drop out because no one can give you a discount.

Don’t work

It’s hard to pass your class while you work. If you work, you can keep it to the weekend only. Working a lot will jeopardize your education.


When you volunteer, you will see what nurses do, experience the job, and get to know the patients. Once you have a lot of experiences, you will feel more confident once you’re out on the field. The more confident you have, the more you can succeed.

Get to know your professors

Your professors can make a difference in your grade, if not lecture then clinical. It’s up to her to grade you clinically so you must get to know her, be on her good side, and ask for assistance.

Get a mentor

If someone who already went to nursing school, they will be able to help you succeed much better than if you were to have no mentor. You can find one at the college or look on ads. If you have family and friends then you should use them to help you succeed.