Is Triond Not so Good For Earnings? – Yes it is Bad !

Important Point to be noted before i begin this article.  I have pointed out the bugs in Triond and the employees carelessness in replying to members queries.

All of us know that Triond is a site where people contribute articles and earn money on the basis of views their articles get. Now they have introduced another option for us to earn . Yes, they are sharing the google adsense revenue. The sharing ratio is 50:50. We see daily both good as well as bad comments and reviews about Triond.

Well i too have a bad opinion about this.  I contributed around 15 articles in the beginning of this month and i have not earned the exact and real money i should earn. I think Triond is fooling me. I have reported this matter nearly three to four times and they have not given me a proper reply.

Please have a look in to the detailed statistics of the articles i have written. Please look in to the number of views i have got and the earnings i have earned. there is so much difference. From my inference, i think they pay us 1 cent for 3 views, if am right. So please people stop contributing articles on Triond , if they don’t give you the money you deserve. This is only for people who are facing problems like me and not getting what they deserve. 

This is just an attempt by me to make the employees and officials in Triond to take an immediate action in to my matter and for others who suffer like me. I hope at least this article will get their attention.

Here is a list of few articles i have written in triond and the views and earnings i have got accumulated till now.

Look at the difference. I am at loss and this bug has not yet been fixed till now and officials are also not replying me.

Title                                                            total views total earnings

Removing Stretch marks                                   46     $0.01

Infant Crib suggestions                                       1     $0.00

Five factors on how to lose weight                    28     $0.01

Affiliate marketing support                                   3    $0.00

Instant loans                                                        2    $0.00

Dating rules for online                                        18   $0.02

Top women dating rules                                     52   $0.09

Best dating tips for men                                      31   $0.03

Places to go for first date                                   19    $0.02

How to get your man back                                   6    $0.00

Hair loss in women                                               2    $0.00

Broken iphone                                                     2    $0.00

Koorma Jayanti                                                   1     $0.00