Is Uncle Bob Crazy For Draining His Motor Oil With The Engine Running?

My buddy just told me about his uncle Bob who owns a ’71 Cuda.  This gentleman has actually owned this Cuda since 1971 and it currently has 20,000 miles on it.  When I heard him say Cuda, my jaw nearly dropped.  And it’s a convertible to boot!  He was obsessed with maintenance and had a special technique for changing his motor oil while in hot pursuit of engine perfection. 

Here comes the crazy part.  Besides Bob’s Cuda, he had an early ’70′s super Beetle and he was completely preoccupied with having immaculate oil running in his engines.  With his super beetle he would drain the oil out hot, then start the engine with the oil plug out to get the last bit of oil to flow out the bottom of the engine.

He would let it idle for 15 minutes but he would NEVER drive it around like that, wouldn’t rev or load the engine…just let it sit there until the last drops of oil dripped into the oil pan.

Crazy and here’s my question.  How could someone think that running an engine with no oil for any period of time is more beneficial compared to getting the last drop of motor oil out of the engine?

And further how could he have done this for decades and not caused an engine failure.  From working on engines you probably know first hand that oil leaves a film on all the engine parts and the fine film on the cylinder walls just doesn’t drain off when you drain the oil.  There is still some protection there even if the sump is empty.

If anyone out there’s nervous about dry engine starts, they can just call good ole uncle Bob and he’ll let you know if there’s something to be worried about.

I had to ask my buddy if uncle Bob used to run his V8 Cuda dry to get out all the oil and was answered with a big fat NO…and I don’t have to ask why (ha ha).  A V8 is a bigger risk than a dual port, air cooled, 1600 CC VW engine.