Issues of Energy efficieny for Modern Business Organizations

The issue of global warming is recognized by the general public, government of all contries in varying degrees and by the business community. In advanced industrial countries they intend to implement carbon trading system. This has negative and positive impact on the price of energy and on the cost stucture of many business operations. In addition, oil prices may not be cheaper in the future in average as the supply facor constrains. This definately has a negaitve cost impact for all business. There fore, it is important that all business reduce energy consumption by implementing energy efficiency programs in their organization and stucture their business operations and logistics so that they can be energy efficient.

The strategies to be energy efficient depends on the nature of business operaitons, their business objectives, top managment priorities and the regulatory impact on the business sector. However, given the enviornmental concerns most business are forced by the external enviornment to become more energy efficient as it has considreable impact on the efficiency of operations as energy cost will become a major cost of the business operation. This will vary from one sector to another and the impact will not be the same. But given the carbon trading system and the social reponsibility requirement and legislation this will have a considerable impact on all businesses.

In such an environemnt, energy audits are vital for all business  sectors. They must consider, enrgy use in the office and factory and consider ways of reducing energy consumption by investing in energy saving technology and review their enrgy audit plans continually to improve their enery efficiency plan and structure their business in such a manner that they reduce transport cost. They also can stremling operations and use energy from enviornmentaly safe energy sources other than from coal and from oil as an energy source. In addition, they also must consider building design and energy efficiet office equipment and other machinery and equipment so that they can use less energy and reduce their carbon imprint.

In effect, the issues of energy efficiecy for modern business will become an important business objective because it has considerable impact on the image of the business as well it has considerable impact on the profiablity of the business as energy cost continue to rise due to oil price increses and enciornmental imposts and regulation to control global warning issues by most governments.