It's a Great Feeling

It’s a Great Feeling is a fun movie musical from the old days of happy film making.  It stars Dennis Morgan as himself, Jack Carson as himself, and Doris Day as hopeful ingenue, Judy Adams.  She comes from a tiny little town that Carson actually knows.  This gives them a bit of a bond.  She is desperate for her big break and hopeful that Carson will give it to her.  Naturally, she gets it.

Carson is someone I have seen in other movies and enjoyed.  I am not as fond of Morgan, but they do work together well here.

I love the opening of the movie which takes place at a Hollywood studio and shows a lot of what goes on there.  I really do love these types of pictures.  It is almost a parody of the industry as it mixes reality with fantasy.  This movie does a lot of that because since it was back in the old studio contract days, they were able to call upon a lot of the then big name stars to appear.

I love these star cameos.  Early on, Carson is with Gary Cooper, who just keeps saying “Yep” and then Morgan is getting a haircut at the same time Ronald Reagan is getting a haircut, too.  Too bad Day is not in this scene since she and Reagan later did a movie together.  Joan Crawford has a Mildred Pierce-like cameo, while Danny Kaye is hysterical as a train (trust me, it is funny).

Other cameos are done by Eleanor Parker, Patricia Neal, Sydney Greenstreet, and a slew of others, but my favorite, by far, is Errol Flynn.  I will not spoil that one by giving the specifics.  It is classic and so much fun.  Actually, the cameos put together are about as strong as the movie itself.  They are very well done.

It is delightful to watch Carson and Morgan try to get Day’s character discovered.  There is a almost ridiculous sequence where she smiles and bats her eyes a lot.  It is very cliche, but works for this day and age.

I like this film.  Of course, I am a Day fan, and watching and listening to her sing is a delight.