It’s a long tough road for Obama

President Obama walks a long road. It’s a tough road filled with lots of pot holes and mud. I have to give him a lot of credit for running for the office of the Presidency in these rough times. It’s not going to be any kind of a cake walk for him. With all the trials ahead of this man we will eventually know what he’s made of. It will show one way or another if he can work really hard and accomplish some great strides for the American people. Or we slide even further down hill.

What is the mud and the pot holes on President Obama’s road? Can he improve the unemployment rate, which has steadily been climbing for years? Just this morning on the news was information that two of our states California and Kansas are temporarily suspending income tax refunds. To my knowledge this is the first time I have ever heard of any such things. Can Obama turn this around?

The big pot hole right now is the economy. Will President Obama’s economic stimulus package get a head start and take the lead? You’ve got to hope so. I will give him a gold star for getting this passed through Congress so fast. Oh, I see some other pot holes on the economy road such as gas prices, high unemployment numbers, and food stamp requests are consistently rising.

Oops, here comes the mud on the economy road. Day by day there has been an incredible number of increases in the home foreclosure area and the really lagging retail sales. I can feel for these people, because my once thriving business in the retail market for twelve years is no more.

What else is on that long road that President Obama walks? It looks as if he has started to repair some of these pot holes such as putting a ceiling on the CEO compensation packages that their receiving from the economic stimulus package. Closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay looks like some good patches on the road. Making changes to the stem cell research is a big one that may affect so many people in the future. And he is putting a pay freeze on White House workers after a certain amount of money is earned. It’s nice to see he looks into his own house to clean up too.

I think we all hope that President Obama will get his road patched up quickly and maybe even some new paving. I read a lot of articles on the Internet and what has struck me the most is that people are really regaining hope for our nation and that’s what I see in these articles. I believe that’s exactly what President Obama is trying to in still in us.

People are hoping that President Obama will live up to his promises. He needs to bring home our young women and men to be reunited with their loved ones. We hope he can restore our reputation as a great country with other countries.  I wish you well on a speedy trip on your long tough road, President Obama..