I've Always Hated Cruise Ships

The Carnival Splendor, boarding around 4,500 passengers, set sail on a weeklong Mexican Rivera cruise on Sunday, November 7th 2010 only turning out to be “The Cruise From HELL!” as quoted by one of the passengers.

The ship had experienced an engine fire and lost it’s engine and electricity – adrit the sea for four whole days. That meant no food (for it was all perishable), no light, no air conditioning, no working toilets, and no refrigeration. Passengers were frightened and uncomfortable. The ship soon started smelling of waste and rotten food. People created signs and some were even disembarking the ship. When cell phone service was restored, passengers contacted family and friends, telling them their stories.

Once the coast guard arrived with four tug boats, the cruise ship was brought to San Diego where passengers and people on shore were cheering. But since the elevators were not working, port officials had said it would take hours to get everyone off safely.

CEO of Carnival Cruise line has refunded every passenger and gave them a complimentary cruise equal to the amount they were paying for their ruined voyage. Also, Carnival cancelled it’s next cruise (next sunday) and has refunded every passenger fully and also gave them a 25% discount on a future voyage.

I’ve always been against cruise ships and this news opened my eyes to an even bigger fear of those water treading machines. The people on that ship must have been very brave and very strong to make it through that.