Jog To Improve Health

You can maintain a better physical fitness as well as health if you jog on a regular basis. It also offers mental and physical relaxation.

Health paybacks of jogging

If you do right amount of jogging regularly it will have a positive effect on your overall health. Some benefits include:

  1. Heart gets stronger by jogging and it also improves circulation of blood and our respiratory system.
  2. Jogging improves digestion.
  3. Jogging neutralizes depression.
  4. You can lead a more active life with regular jogging.
  5. Jogging helps in losing weight by burning extra fat.
  6. Jogging also boosts your appetite.
  7. Muscles of the hips, back and legs become stronger with jogging, but it does not increase the size of the muscles much.
  8. You will get better sleep after jogging.

The enjoyment of jogging

You can get mental and physical joy from jogging if you don’t overdo it. If you jog properly you will feel less exhausted as compared to the time when you started jogging.  The muscle feel more relaxed and better while as well as after the jogging is over.

It feels very nice when the wind blows around the body while one jogs. Jogging creates an ambience of birds chirping, sound of flowing streams and the waves crashing along the seashore. After jogging for some time you will get a euphoric feeling.

Shoes and clothes

When you jog is important to wear the right kinds of clothes according to the weather. It is good to wear t- shirt and shorts when it is warm and you can carry extra clothes in a bag if you are jogging long distance, lest the weather changes. It is good to wear extra layers of clothes in colder climate.

Main types of clothes needed in either condition include:

Wear soft and light clothes which do not have any jagged stitching, edges or big folds. It must be well fitting but not restrict the body in any way. They should allow free and easy movements.

The materials used for the dress should provide good ventilation so that sweat and moisture is removed by the fabric. It would be ideal if the material can keep the moisture out from the exterior, but this may not be easy if you want proper ventilation also.

Jogging shoes should fit you well and must also have a shape that fits the form of your feet. The soles of the shoe must be bendable when the feet move normally along the ground, as well as offer good support against the surface. The bottom of the shoe or the sole must offer friction against all kinds of surface, so that you don’t slip while jogging. The sole also has to act as a buffer against any impact against the ground.

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