Just a Rant

Life as freelancer is hard. Yes, it really is. Have you ever asked yourself why freelancer isn’t in the top ten of favorite jobs of young people? Well, here I’ll give you some reasons:

  1. You never know how much (or, more correctly, little) money you will make next month.
  2. You have periods with no work at all and then, when you actually have other commitments as well (to family, to friends, whatever), work seems to run over you like a truck on a highway.
  3. No one pays you the time you spend with accounting, marketing etc. That’s work too, or do you really think my greatest passion is accounting?
  4. When you get asked, “So, what is your job?” and you answer, “Well, I’m a writer and translator”, you might get rolling eyes and the statement, “I asked for your job, not your hobbies.” Another possible comment: “Oh, so you don’t have a real job? Sorry to hear.”
  5. Even if you have clients, you never know if and when they will pay. The risk is yours.
  6. Your client isn’t interested in your status of health. If you’re ill and the deadline is approaching, well, shit happens. You have to meet the deadline even if you finish the project on your deathbed.
  7. Your bills aren’t interested in your clients’ will to pay or your status of health or your number of clients. They want to be paid in time.
  8. Many freelancing jobs like writing, translating and editing, are not appreciated neither by society nor by clients as the hard work they are. Thus, pay generally tends to be really low.
  9. It can be very frustrating if your bills cry for payment and you can’t get any new assignments.
  10. Many people in your intimate proximity (family, close friends, husband or wife) won’t know the work you do as worthy work. It is a sad truth that there are quite a few freelancers out there working without the backup and support from family or friends.

Ok, now, you are wondering why I chose this path in spite of what I just told you? Simple: Because I absolutely love it. I am free to work whenever I want (as long as no deadline is approaching too fast), where I want (as long as I can get a reliable internet connection and electricity) and how I want (as long as the client is satisfied).

Well, ok, you’re right: I’m just crazy. I have masochistic tendencies and love to torment myself. Now, that’s the point: I am the one who is tormenting me. It’s my privilege. And I won’t let anyone else, no boss, no colleague, torment me. Ok, some clients just take this right for granted, but then, I am the one choosing my clients …