Kill or be Killed. Resident Evil: Apocalypse

This zombie movie is hard to explain. Actually its very easy to explain in the sense that it is as soulless as its walking dead zombies. Here Milla Jovovich stars as good looking deadly Alice who is a woman on a mission. It continues from the last movie where she awakes from a hospital and Raccoon city(I know a strange name a for city, but hey its a zombie movie) has been overun by reanimated dead people who are desperate for a bit of food in the form of human flesh. She tries to escape the zombies along with a bunch of dopey dull individuals and as she is trying to escape, you should try escape the cinema or work out the quitest method to turn this movie off.

Seriously, if you are looking for a good zombie movie then check out some of the Romero classics like dawn of the dead or the exceptional comedy zombie movie shaun of the dead. Even better would be to go down to your local supermarket and check out the meat counter, but DO NOT watch this. You would have more enjoyment seeing someone peel wallpaper.

Ill give them some credit as its amazing how someone can take thousands of zombie killers and a hot lead character in Alice and make a film so boring and free of thrills, scares or any form of entertainment. Yet the makers pulled it off and its hard to even hate the zombies as they are as equally boring as everything else in this film.

Pretty much every idea in this weak excuse for a movie is stolen from the Alien franchise. While the directing is a bit more skilled in this movie than the last, its a bit like saying that someone shows a bit more compassion than zombie. On this basis the end of the apocalypse can’t come soon enough.