Kitchen Garden Tips For Beginners

A lot of people among us harbor a passion for plants and gardening. A beautiful garden blooming with life is a treat to the eye. In an age of compact spaces, lack of hobby time and rise of artificial ingredients in vegetables and fruits kitchen garden is an option that can cater to meet these mentioned problems. We hardly ponder upon growing our own vegetables as we depend totally on the market. But kitchen garden is something that not only gives extreme joy but also adds to the beauty and elegance to one’s home, makes one close to nature and greenery while also making fresh vegetables available with no tensions of artificial colors or substances added at the back of the mind.

The first tip for beginners is to keep the kitchen garden small for the launch. As the garden progresses successfully one can definitely spread the kitchen garden because one has to put quite some hard work in the beginning. Space is an important factor and more often than not we find lovely colorful kitchen gardens nestled in plots at the outskirts of the busy city. But ones living in compact apartments can also fulfill their dream of a kitchen garden by growing plants in pots and containers in their balcony or terrace.

For those who can spare large plots can devote their kitchen garden space to a variety of vegetables, flowers and even a small pool. Soil testing, direction of the sun, right kind of manure are few essential things to begin with. One has to decide upon what to grow as kitchen garden products mainly cater to the family needs and hardly for the market. Certain equipments, containers and pots of different sizes have to be arranged according to need. For larger spaces planning a layout is important while for small spaces intelligent use of space is required. Keeping a good handbook for proper guidance is necessary. Over feeding and over watering must be avoided while proper light and shade should be provided.

Attractive pots for kitchen gardening add to one’s home décor and these must be able to hold enough moisture and give space for the plants to breathe. Make intelligent use of used items rather than throwing them away. Hence, be it within the city or outside, one can always nurture a kitchen garden and avail the fresh products.