Know what is happening around you


Many a times we are busy in our schedules, work, taking care of our family and we do not take note of what is happening around us. We do not have time for others or to find what is latest news on television.

 But we must know about our premises, surroundings and our vicinity.  We must have good contact with our neighbours. Always ensure proper communication with your neighbours as they are near to you to seek any help in time of need.

 Security of your house, proper closing systems of your main gate, locking system must be checked every day. You must ensure that your apartment neighbours are socially compatible.

 You must also take note of city news, because you have to visit your work place, shopping mall and grocery store.  For every purpose, you must know, what is happening around you, as it will help you to keep yourself updated to take care of your family members and yourself.

 Inform your neighbours that you are out of city for some time, and request them to give an phone call if there is any important issue to be informed as you are away from your home.

Take proper note of daily news and reading of a news paper is also a must. Because by watching news and by reading daily news paper, you learn much about state and city living. 

There are many public holidays, festivals and government holidays. You must plan your holiday if you are with your family. Ensure that the city is convenient to visit and make a good plan for your visit.