Know Your Broadband Usage – Http://

Worried that your usage is going beyond the download limit set by your broadband plan? Worried that your children use internet lavishly and want to track how much you can allow them? Worried about inflated bills owing to non-tracking of your internet usage? The answer to all these questions is this site. One needs to know all these things as even plain surfing downloads cookies, pictures and other stuff which add to your downloaded MBs. If you a regular visitor to those fully-loaded websites which are bandwidth guzzlers then you need to be very careful lest you get an inflated bill.

A very useful website if you have a limited download plan subscribed through Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL). It will show you all the upload and download data status depending on your plan and also suggest you your existing subscribed plan.

You just need to enter your username and password and you go into the main menu. Please note that the user name is either your telephone number or your telepone no followed by ‘@a’. The password is the CA number which is displayed in your landline bill.

You will be redirected to the main menu where you go to the ‘usage information’ screen and find your usage and accelerate or decelerate the speed of your internet browsing/downloading. A very handy site to restrict your telephone bills.