Kongregate: a free flash web games portal

Sorting through all the free casual flash games on the Internet can take some time.  Many sites offer incentives such as points that can be redeemed for Amazon gift certificates or cash for playing their games.  Such incentives are not usually needed for the casual gamer. 

What he, or in most cases she, is most interested in are ways to pass the time when surfing the Internet.   Kongregate, is a free web games portal that finds worthwhile games for the casual gamer so that she does not have to invest her time or bother listening to annoying advertisements.

This web games portal breaks down its flash game offerings by genre so the user can most easily find what interests her, whether it be strategy, role playing, action, arcade, adventure or games that fall in the category of other.   An on-site search engine helps the user find her favorite games.

Unlike other sites which seek to draw users in by gambling or the promise of some other reward, Kongregate caters to users who enjoy playing the games for their own amusement.    Even though the service is free to players, hosting the games still costs money.  Fortunately, instead of demanding payment from the user, the cost of hosting the games is defrayed by advertising.  Fortunately, the advertising is unobtrusive and does not contain many (if any) annoying flash animations with voice overs.

This free flash games portal is not hard to find.  A Google search can quickly find it, or a casual gamer wishing to check out the free browser games on the site can visit www.kongregate.com