Kurtz Orchard And Country Market

The Kurtz Orchard and Country Market is a nice stop and a great place to have lunch, if you prefer a more picturesque outdoor cafe like ambience to the urban settings in the downtown Niagara on the Lake.  Even better, you can do both as Kurtz Market is set up as a virtual ‘sampling’ venue. 

Kurtz Orchard and Country Market is a family owned and run business that has been around for over half a century.  Using home grown local fruits and vegetables, they have managed to come up with some of the most creative and deliicious spreads, dips and jellies that I have ever tried.  They have samples of these award winning creations at the end of every display.  Let’s face it everybody appreciates the odd freebie now and again while on vacation, so you can imagine how popular this approach is.  Additionally, they have fresh salads and sandwiches and great desserts.  They have a variety of teas and a quaint little setting area with rod iron pedestal tables and stools.  All their products are availlable for purchase and make great gifts as our orchards are world renowned.

Another perk of Kurtz Orchard and Country Market is the huge coy pond behind the market building and the little wooden bridge that allows you to take a little stroll and watch the coy.  There are so many coy in that pond that you can’t help but become fixated.  They are all different and all different sizes.  You can purchase fish food inside for a nominal fee and feed the coy.  What a hoot!  Just a few pellets dropped in the water will produce the densest onslaught of coy clamouring right below you.  This ensures that you don’t have to go to the coy, they will come to you.  I always feel sorry for the little ones as their bigger counterparts usually grab the pellets before they even have a chance to get to the feeding spot.  I try to throw the pellets into the littler ones’ mouths but it never works.  I haven’t perfected my aim yet.

All in all, a worthwhile stop as you’re bound to see something you like!