Laramie: The Run to Tumavaca

When I think about Laramie: The Run to Tumavaca what comes to mind is how much series star Robert Fuller loved working with guest star Gena Rowlands.  He was captivated by her and truly enjoyed being able to work with her, especially since there was a bit of a romance going on here.  This show aired in the series’ debut season.

The first scene has me laughing out loud every time I see it.  It actually refers back to a prior episode, Fugitive Road, when we learn that Jess Harper (Fuller) doesn’t know how to swim.  That’s why in this show young Andy Sherman (Robert Crawford Jr.) is teaching Jess how to swim in the pond.  Of course, the two are supposed to be working, and that’s why it’s such a fun scene, especially when Andy’s older brother and Jess’ best friend, Slim Sherman (John Smith), catches the two in the playful act of swimming.

The scenes with Rowland are charismatic.  For the era, it might even be said it was a bit risque for regular nighttime television, especially the scene by the lake when Jess chases after the seductive Laurel (Rowlands).

The plot isn’t all that unusual.  She’s a beautiful woman married to an older man who is wealthy.  She uses her looks to get what she can.  In the end, it’s all for naught, of course.