Lean How To Become a Financial Consultant And Earn Big Fees

As one of the practicing Financial Consultants with more than 20 years of experience, I will teach you on very aspect of this lucrative job for you to get started within three months.

All lectures will be sent to you by email; I will teach you on how to earn by bringing borrowers and lenders together and earn fees ranging from USD 100 – USD 1000 per month and more depending on the numbers of clients and the amount of loan required per client.

Everybody on earth needs money to solve one problem or the other but most people do not know how to go about securing the money they need to solve their personal or business problem. So there is already a demand for your service.

The money market is very large and most lenders are looking for credible clients to loan on a very attractive rate and terms; so the lenders would love to work with you cooperatively even taking care of your fees for you because you will help the cut down their advertisement cost use in searching for credible borrowers which may be difficult to find. So the demand is already there for you!

Your training kit include:

1)Loan review and analysis to determine its feasibility

2)Various sample agreement for you to sign with your borrower you are presenting to the lender who protect your fees – ranging 1- 10% depending on the amout of loan and base on the prevailing market rate for the consultants

3) Contact details of international lenders including both multilateral and bilateral aid agencies providing soft term loans

4) Contact details of joint venture sources proving managerial and techninical assistance to projects in foreign countries

5) Verious types of collateral to use in securing loans.

6) How to set up your consultacy business with little or no capital and many more.

The Business and Financial Consultancy Course cost USD 100 only. It is too cheap covering both national and international issues. I will teach you all you need to know to succeed in order to become national and internatianl consultant earning big fees.

I receive payment by Papal, Western Union and Money Gram from any country. You may contact me if you will have payment difficulty and will show you other ways out. However, before you enroll, you should send me your Resume or CV to access you of your suitability to receive and follow-up the training because a good command of English in the most simplest term possible to the understanding of both your lenders and the clients you will be communicating with is required.

I will not enroll you if you cannot communicate very well in English. The reason is that, this is not an academic pursuit but a professional training to enable get started as soon as possible and become your own boss. So is not a certificate matter; however you may earn an association certificate as a member for a proof of your professional standing in the Business and Financial Consulting Field after your your graduation.

I will begin with you on the local level ; that is, I will teach you on how to deal with the financiers in your own country first and then to the international level.