Learning To Eat Right

To some the five food groups may be a joke; that red meat, white meat, sugar, fat and steak are the five essential food groups a person needs in order to survive.  While the idea of having a pyramid as the representative of the foods we should be eating is slightly humorous the idea of eating healthy isn’t a joke.  When it comes to a healthy diet eating the proper amount of the five food groups is essential.

Fruits and Vegetables

Obviously the foods that are the healthiest for you are the ones frequently forgotten when it comes to eating from amongst the five food groups.  Fruits and vegetables have many health bonuses, which is why you’re supposed to eat more of them than you do meat.  One of the added benefits of fruits and vegetables is a higher content of fiber plus they help fight against cancer.

While the five food groups don’t specifically talk about fiber it is an important supplement to have in your diet.  Not only does it keep you regular it really works to keep your body healthy.  Fruits and vegetables are not the only two food groups with fiber.  Grains actually have good fiber content as well.  However, raw vegetables are typically the best to have when you need extra fiber in your diet.

Five Food Groups Guide

The basic five food groups are there as a guide for you, not a diet.  You need to have a certain amount of each food group, which is given to you on the guide, but it’s really up to you to decide when you get your servings.  The reason the five food groups can’t be considered your diet is because while you need each category there are some foods healthier for you than others.  For example you’re going to want leaner meats and you’re going to want grains that have less starch or bleach.  Looking at precautions like that will help you find the right diet.

Eating from the five food groups doesn’t mean you have to cut out your favorite foods.  It just means you have a new guide to work with to add more foods to your diet.  When you start eating right—and that means eating in moderation plus having the correct foods in your diet—you’re going to feel much better.  Your body will be able to function at a much better level than before because you’ll be getting different nutrients your body needs.  The five food groups are a guide to help you find the right diet.