Lebron James to The Knicks Free Agency Rumor: NY a Good Fit?

The LeBron James to the Knicks rumor has been out for a long time, and many people think it’s not a good fit for the King.

But the LeBron James free agency situation could very well end with the rumor of LeBron to the Knicks coming true for myriad reasons. LeBron has been preparing for free agency for years and now that it’s here, the guess is that the Knicks are still high on his list.

For one thing, LeBron’s stated goal since he entered the NBA was to become a “global icon.” As nice as Cleveland’s turnaround has been, that’s not going to happen with the Cavs.

New York gives him networking opportunities and connections he’s never had before and merchandising and other corporate contracts as well.

LeBron has also said he just wants to go where he can win, and that is more of a possibility in NYC with the Knicks than most people realize.

David Lee is a great sidekick for LeBron potentially and his rebounding would give LeBron more chances to score and make plays.

Al Harrington, Danilo Gallinari and even Tracy McGrady all would give LeBron good sidekick potential, especially TMac if healthy.

But the most important reason why LeBron to the Knicks in free agency is a great fit is because of coach Mike D’Antoni. Many fans have said that Mike Brown’s slow-down style in Cleveland was a bad fit for LeBron and they were right.

D’Antoni is the master of the fast break, however, making LeBron to the Knicks in free agency a great fit. LeBron James rumors have surfaced that he contacted Eddy Curry and some Knicks fans were worried he’d tell LeBron to stay away because of Curry’s flap with D’Antoni but that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. LeBron is in much better shape and loves the fast break as opposed to Curry who is more of a half-court player.

Regardless of all the LeBron James to the Knicks in free agency being a bad fit rumors, hardcore NBA fans know that LeBron would have a chance to win in the Big Apple. He’s certainly not leaving great teammates behind in Cleveland, that’s for sure, after they were exposed against Boston in the NBA playoffs.