Legion Film Review

Archangel Michael has fallen and arrived in Los Angeles, he makes his way to an out of the way truck stop where he finds a pregnant waitress by the name of Charlie. He arrives to find the people of the diner in shock. They have just been visited by a demented old lady who has said bad things are coming and the baby will die.

Michael tells the people at the diner that God has lost faith in mankind and they will all die. He has fallen because he refused to kill the baby which Charlie is carrying. He believes that this baby will need to be born to show God that mankind is still a caring race and they deserve to live.

Michael has to train the people at the diner to shoot and defend themselves as evil is on its way. Can Michael keep Charlie and the baby alive and if not what will become of mankind?

I was not overly keen on watching this film as for some reason I thought it was going to be a scary one, fortunately hubby tales me into watching and I am pleased that I did as I really did enjoy the film. I have only given a very brief plot outline for the film so don’t think it is as basic as I have said, there is a lot more to the story which will be discovered if you decided to give it a watch. I felt the storyline was very good and I loved how it was put across, I was slightly dubious when I found out it was about angels as I thought it would be a bit far fetched but I am pleased to say it was not. I found the whole use of God and the apocalypse was interested and I was actually told in an easy to follow and understand way.

The acting was very good, the lead role of Michael was played by Paul Bettany. He was very strong and played the role well. I felt I understood a lot about him even from the few facts we got to know about him. He showed great strength and courage which he managed to portray and get into the other characters. He was not what I was expecting an angel to look like, he had tattoos and seemed very at ease with the guns and fighting. I loved the different sides he showed and felt he was the perfect choice for the role. He worked well with the other characters and he seemed genuine when delivering his lines and showing his emotions. The role of Charlie was good and she was not a vulnerable girl as I thought she would be, I felt emotional towards her as she was fighting for a child she was not even willing to keep as she was having him adopted and I thought she got the powerfulness of this and her feelings across very well. She showed strength and courage and I did warm to her. We did have some other very good and strong actors in the film. Denis Quade played a very good role and he did bring a little humour to the start of the film with the way he treated his television and I also loved the role of his son, played by Lucas Black.

The film was set at an out of town diner and truck stop. I felt the setting was good as it meant we did not have a lot of different locations to worry about and wonder where we actually were all of the time. The way it came across was very remote and basic and I did enjoy this aspect. There was a lack of technology and high powered items which meant that the lifestyle was very slow paced. I felt this came across well and I loved seeing how they all had to change and toughen up when evil came. The desert surrounding the diner was lovely and we did get one or two nice scenery shots, that was at the start of the film before the action started. The costumes were all good and fitting for the film and so to were the props. We did have a lot of weapons in the film and they all looked good and real. I loved how they were taken on by the regular people and how they came to be at ease using them.

The film is packed full of special effects and I found them to all be of a very high standard. The gun fights all looked excellent and very real and some of the things the possessed people did looked gruesome and stomach turning. I thought a lot of time and effort had gone into producing these effects and it really did pay off as they all fitted effortlessly into the film. The music was also very good and we had quite a mixed soundtrack which I enjoyed. I did find the classical music worked slightly better as it helped with the drama and tension of the film.

The running time of the film is 1 hour and 36 minutes long and I felt this was a great length with the story moving at a good steady pace form start to finish. The rate is a 15 and I strongly agree with this. There is a lot of bloody and strong violence and bad language throughout. I would not recommend this film to younger viewers. The DVD can be bought for £5 in a variety of shops and I do think it is well worth this price tag.

I am more than happy to give this film a good solid 4 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the acting was also of a very high standard. I would have to say so of the scenes were overly gruesome but I think this helped me to understand the immensity of what was happening in the story. This film gets a high recommendations from both me and hubby.