Lenovo Notebook Review


If you have been using Lenovo Notebooks then you must have gone through the Lenovo Keyboard problem many a times. I have been using a Lenovo Notebook for the past three years and I have had to deal with the Lenovo Keyboard problem at least 4-5 times. The Lenovo Notebook keyboards are so delicate that even when we use it normally it is bound to stop functioning every now and then.

 Besides the Lenovo keyboard problem, I haven’t had any major problem with my Lenovo Notebook so far, basically I have visited the service centre for dealing with the Lenovo keyboard problem  and just because of keyboard problem I even extended my warranty .

I have been facing a small problem with my Lenovo Notebook, the webcam is not working and I have tried everything from driver installation to changing the webcam but it still isn’t functioning.  Even the Lenovo Service centre has failed to deal with the problem so I now I use an external webcam which is a little bothersome but got to adjust.

So Other than the Lenovo keyboard problem which I face pretty often and the minor problem with the problem I haven’t had any major problem with my Lenovo Notebook, A 29. Over the years my Lenovo Notebook has given a great value for money and using it for almost 12-15 hours a day I think it just is a high value product. With some of the other laptops I used I have faced the problem of overheating and the notebook shutting down but with my Lenovo notebook I haven’t had the problem.

AS for the battery backup, I used to get a backup of around 2-3 hours when I first bought my Lenovo Notebook but now after three years of use I have reduced to an hour and half and that I think is pretty understandable. I love my Lenovo Notebook and if not for the Lenovo keyboard problem it is just the perfect value for money.