Letter to Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, DC 20500

As a teenager in the United States of America, I realize that the choices that the government makes now will ultimately affect my college admission, career choice, future marriage, children, and retirement. Concerning your recent stimulus package, it is a scary thought as to what the future could hold for my generation. This means that spending decisions must be made carefully and with much review.

When you were campaigning against John McCain, I remember that I disagreed with many of your viewpoints regarding abortion, same-gender marriage, and gun rights. However, many of your promises seemed to be a spark of a bit of hope in my mind. As I began to research these promises, I found that what you were promising was beyond your reach. You are not Jesus Christ, Santa Claus, or Harry Potter, so you can’t simply snap your fingers and fix the country like your platform seemed to say. When you achieved office, you passed an economic stimulus package, estimated to be between $787 billion all the way to $1.3 trillion dollars by the time my generation receives the bill.

As a teenager who is going to be paying for this stimulus package for the rest of my life, spending money so liberally like this deeply concerns me. One of your many promises while campaigning was that you would not put future generations in debt. With the stimulus package, this is exactly what you are doing. Should God not take us off of the Earth by then, my great grandchildren will be paying for this stimulus package. The primary function of an economic stimulus package is to stimulate the economy. However, many things in the stimulus package will not help to stimulate the economy in any way.

The stimulus package includes billions of dollars being wasted on things that are not going to stimulate the economy. Examples of this are honey bee insurance and fish passage barriers. While we need honey bees to pollinate plants, helping them with a stimulus package has nothing to do with stimulating the economy. The only thing fish passage barriers are going to do is give people the small job of building them.

You have to realize that there is a difference between jobs and work. Providing someone with a job is to give them a permanent place in a business. Providing them with work is just to give them a temporary job doing something that needs to be done. Fixing a fence would be an example of work, while managing the budget of a farm would be an example of a job.

While you have passed the stimulus package, you have also begun stripping what morality we have left in this country away. You reversed George W. Bush’s policy on the federal funding of abortions. You support “a strong civil union” for gays, which you do not say is marriage for them. The worst thing you have done yet is stand in Europe and proclaim “America is not a Christian nation.” While you call yourself a Christian, nothing in your life shows evidence that you are one.

The only Sunday you have been to church since the inauguration is Easter Sunday. You have mocked the Christian faith by saying that we support slavery and the stoning of children in your campaign. Not to mention, you stood up in the same rally and mocked the Sermon on the Mount, which was Jesus Christ’s greatest sermon ever.

You want to make peace with Muslims, who were responsible for flying planes into the World Trade Center eight years ago. You are taking the “turn the other cheek” philosophy a little too far. While Christ commanded us to turn the other cheek, American’s lives were taken in the World Trade Center attack. Those people deserve not revenge, but justice, for their murders. We have to stop Islamic forces from doing this again.

What you need to realize is that we are a Christian nation. Our country was founded on Biblical principles and continues to hold many of them today. Your lie that “America is not a Christian nation” is spitting in your country and your professed faith’s face. You can’t go five miles down the road without seeing a church and yet you believe that “we are not a Christian nation.”

None of your promises from your campaign are being fulfilled and you continue to enforce policies that are hurting our country, not helping it. Your economic stimulus package is going to affect the checkbooks of families one hundred years from now, should Christ not return and wipe out our petty and corrupt system of government that exists. I am continuing to pray that you will begin making moral decisions to protect our country’s sacred foundation.


Aaron Frasier