Libra Compatibility with Aquarius

True astrological compatibility would involve comparing both partners’ charts with each other and linking all the planets in the houses and signs. Even so, most people know their Sun Signs and are interested in this aspect of astrology. This is a broad indication of a Libra/Aquarius relationship from the Libran’s point of view.

Libra and Aquarius: A Marriage Made in Heaven?

The Aquarius personality possesses a mysterious quality that really attracts you. When you first met, there will have been something about the Aquarian that made you feel as if you wanted to get to know him or her better. You are impressed with the way your Aquarian partner can communicate with anyone on any subject. He or she will love to talk about books, people, events, articles, religion and other countries. In fact the list is endless.

You are never bored in his or her company and you feel as if you learn a lot from each other. This is a special relationship because you really feel as if your Aquarius lover is also a true friend. Aquarius always considers your feelings and he or she seems to know how to encourage you to get what you want out of life. You don’t feel in any way curbed by this relationship. Some people can’t understand your many friendships, but Aquarius does not stand in the way of your need to enjoy the company of other people. In fact Aquarius is keen to introduce you to new friends and these are people who are likely to have similar hopes and aspirations to your own.

Libra and Aquarius: Living Together

Aquarius rarely makes demands on you. Of course you won’t always agree with each other but rather than arguing the point, Aquarius will prefer to agree to disagree. He or she feels that time is too precious to waste in arguments and as a peace-loving Libran, you’ll agree with such an attitude, wholeheartedly. There will be plenty time in this relationship to enjoy activities that don’t involve your partner as he or she has so many outside interests. At the same time, it’s important to make time for each other. Always be sure to keep in touch with the other’s needs and feelings otherwise there is the danger that you’ll simply drift apart.

Libra Aquarius Compatibility Astrology

 Nonetheless, there are so many things to keep the two of you together. You like a lover who trusts and understands you. You like it because your lover does not try and change you in any way. Your Aquarius partner admires you for who you are. You have the same general approach to romance. Sometimes you can be very very loving together. At other times you’ll just want to talk. Sometimes you’ll feel in the mood to go out with a few friends without your partner and he or she won’t mind. This is an easy-going relationship and yet because of this, it will be a steadfast one too.

 Libra and Aquarius Brief Relationship Summary

Because you are both born under air signs, you each need an intellectually compatible partner above all else. And with an Aquarius you probably won’t go far wrong. Although you don’t mind a little light exercise every once in a while, you much prefer to know that you get on well on a mental level. You will both love dreaming and scheming. Sharing your thoughts and making all sorts of wonderful plans for the future that probably don’t stand a chance of ever coming true. But that’s all part of the game you like to play in this relationship made in Heaven.