Life as we Know it Movie Review


Life as we know it is a movie about two people, Holly Berenson (Katherine Heigl) and  Eric Messer (Josh Duhamel), who were set up in a blind date by their best friends who happened to be married.  The first date didn’t work out since they were two opposite people with different priorities in life. Holly is a control freak and owns a bakery & Eric is a technical director of the local NBA team who loves to date different girls everytime.  Alison always sets Holly up on a date. After a series of blind dates, Holly gave up on dates referred by Alison since she felt that they don’t match her standards. One day, someone caught Holly’s eye.  He is a regular in the bakery and she just got to know his name and got his calling card but unfortunately lost it in the card box.  When she was about to agree to go out with the guy named Sam, she got a phone call from the police department. She immediately headed down to the station only to find out that her best friends died in a car accident, leaving Sophie to be an orphan. Holly & Eric found out that their best friends made them to be Sophies guardians.  Despite the fact that they hate each other, fate lead its way wherein they have to agree on some terms to live in one roof in order to take care of Sophie.  Complicated as it seems, I don’t want to go into the details, you have to watch it yourself and enjoy the roller coaster ride of emotions that they have to go through.  Do opposites really attract? Overall, I would rate the movie as 9 out of 10.