Life in a College

College life is the most interesting and beautiful phase in life. everyone wants to live in this phase but one has to cross this phase. This stage of your life journey earns a host of descriptive. Late nights. Strange roommates. Caffeine overdose. Independence. Sleep deprivation. Homework. Junk food cravings. New friends. No time for old friends.Special time for girlfriends.huge amount of mobile bills.College bunking. Parking gestapos. But most importantly, college is a time of decisions that set your life on a course, impacting you years later.College Life is a place where students meet new people, spend recreational time also some may find their life partners.
In college, students are always late although their are some exceptions they are very studious but in exams their marks are less than who were bunking colleges or were late in colleges. God knows what they were doing in classrooms.
College life what i know is termed for fun but they don’t know college is a time of decisions that set your life on course, impacting you yours later. If you set decision but not follow it, you will have bad impact in your later years. So you should carefully set decisions and follow them & also enjoying life is as important as your career. Both should be taken side by side.
college is the place where student tries to impress girls & also teachers. If some one attends class he attends it for only girls or if mam is looking gorgeous/sexy.He has no intention of writing notes, he looks towards girls or mam his eye either does not blink. every day he brings new gadgets, i pod, laptop to impress his friends but he does not know that his friends think that he is gone mad they laugh at him.Every day he dresses well to show his friends how rich he is. He may have expensive brands ex Dolce & Gabbana,Giorgio Armani,Prada, Gucci etc. But no one looks at his dress.
College is famous for it rumors. Fear, anxiety and the quest for fun and gossip are a part of every college student’s life. And these are essential for rumors to thrive. A boring lecture and an idle mind at work are all that it takes for rumors to spawn in colleges. And with a mobile phone in every hand, rumors spread faster than wild fires.
Result is out.This is the most feared off all and perhaps the most easily believed. This is the inevitability of college life and thus the faint round of a rumor like this echoes loud. The other forms of this rumor include ‘Extremely low pass percentage” and “highly strict evaluation” and so on…this is most horrifying rumor in college which can kill any one .I am also scared of this rumor. No body wants listen this rumor.
They are into each other… A boy and a girl can never be best friends in college without being looked upon as a couple. This paves way for some hot gossip. Rumors of they being sighted together in restaurants and parks do their rounds. This could harm their friendship and sometimes even precipitate into real romance..!!
Exams are postponed.. This rumor i believe will be loved by every person in the college.This rumor brings some short lived cheer to all those who hit the books at the eleventh hour.
Other college give marks more liberally.. this is the hot topic especially when results are out and they are checking their marks and doing chit chat with their friends about other college giving marks to their students more liberally than our college. This topic closes when next semester starts.
She is getting married. This rumors brings hot topic that the beautiful lecturer is getting married if she remains absent for few days.Students keep on asking who is the lucky one who is getting married with her.
Subject XYZ is really tough …Every time a new semester begins and when you are just beginning to get to know your subjects, a particular subject gets singled out and would be labeled as ‘The Hardest’. The rumor is probably fueled by a tough question paper in the previous year. This rumor results in panic ridden students rushing to tuition’s for that subject under the illusion of it being “The hardest”. In the end the subject actually turns out to be quite a walk. It happens almost to every one.It happened to me also.
She/he knows it all…. Mr X knows it all.Einstein is reborn.He knows everything. He is very clever..He knows masters theory.He knows this, he knows that making us feel inferior in front of him.We feel jealous of him as he is not accepting that he does know everything.And one fine day when you bump into him/her, you find out that he/she knows nothing more than you and is just another person fortunate enough to be blown out of proportion. Hahaahaa!!!! this sounds really nice…
These were some rumors which i found really interesting & ; i wanted to share with you.
Sameem Rafiqi