Life is Beautiful with laughter and love

Live – Laugh – Love

Our life given to us by the Almighty, is certainly the greatest gift ever. We live in a world where we see a lot of things which are beyond and above many things. There are thousands of things which we are not aware or even heard of it, and we cannot even imagine to think about it, since we are so tied up with our own lives. We are so clinched with our errands of our lives that we are least bothered even about our own relatives. IS THIS WHAT LIFE IS? Is this what we all want to be like? Is this what we survive for? Does earning money and working from morning to evening with our back straights is left in our lives? I am sure we all want to live a life which is peaceful, loving, cheer full and so on. But, it is our needs that plays a role of a big constraint of our life. Life is about making yourself feel the meaning of life. Thanking the God for this Life. Research, explore, get exposed to places, rituals, which we haven’t heard of. Dalai Lama says that ‘A person should go to a place once in a year which he has never been before’. Learn the art of giving. Personally, I don’t expect, not even from my closest for anything. But, I love to see the joy on their faces when I am the reason for that joy, when I lend a helping hand to them in their needs. I don’t promise because I don’t like to break it. But I also don’t refrain from making one when I am actually certain about it. Believe me, start giving, and a feeling of joy is going to run in your hearts for sure.

Make friends, you know the person who have a lot of friends, is the richest, you know why, because he knows that when he needs someone there are many shoulders to rest hand on, many arms to hug on. Money can buy you a bed, but not sleep. Remember. Live with your friends, they are the ones who will make you laugh, they are the ones who will even hit you but later will hug you and say ‘let’s party’. Laugh as if nobody is watching you. This time will never return, but you will always remember this when you grow older and see young boys and girls having a great time or even when you meet up with your spouses and have a joyful dinner sharing past events. I love my friends. Yes there will be many fake one’s who will be with you for something or with an expectation. That is not wrong, in fact that’s a good chance to show how much love is filled in your heart for them. Think about those who don’t even get proper shelter and food to survive. That is why never discriminate your friends on the basis of wealth, looks, religion. Who knows you will be making the best of friendship with such people. See, like all five fingers of our hand are not same, similarly our friends or companions might not be having the same mindset like us.

Feel the most wonderful thing of Life…LOVE. We all are hungry for this. We all think we could get so much of love that we can give it in return. Remember God loves you 10 times more than your mother loves you. Imagine. Live wisely, Love truly, she will never leave you. There are people who haven’t got love. Why some ladies don’t understand that someone who loves you is not the one who will easily make you cry and not care about your feeling. A loving man is one who stands by you all the time. In your sorrows, in your happiness, you know it has been said with a fine research that people who marry with their best friends are the one who are most happy. You know why, because your best friend knows you in and out. Even if you have some bad quality, they stay with you and help you to be nicer. You might feel bad that your best friend has asked you to marry him/her. That’s not at all bad, he/she likes to be with you and see a bright future. In fact it’s a gift.

Remember be with your loved ones, Respond to them, we all need each other. Spread Love.