Lifewriting Coaches: How Do I Make Money as a Lifewriting Coach?

A lifewriting coach provides support and encouragement to people who are writing their memoirs or autobiographies. You will most likely not get rich as a lifewriting coach but you can make a little bit of money while you are helping people preserve their histories. Here a few tips to getting started. 

Advertise. The first thing you need to do is let people know what you are offering. You can do this by building a website for one thing. Also, visit your local community center and post flyers. Plan a workshop in your community to find people who are writing their memoirs. Send press releases to your local news stations and newspapers. 

Be professional. Order business cards and letterhead. Include your credentials on every bit of writing that leaves your office. Always present yourself in a positive and accommodating manner to potential clients. 

Instill trust. Memoirs and autobiographies are intensely personal. It is essential that your clients trust with the information they are sharing with you. Offer them a contract to sign that spells out how you will use the material they send to you and what their rights are. This will go a long way in instilling trust. 

Offer your services via phone, email, chat rooms and/or in person. I offer services through all of the above. Be accessible to your client at all times. Your job is to offer advice and encouragement – you are a coach in the lifewriting process. 

Charge a fee for your services. The amount you choose to charge will be largely dependent on the community you are serving. Some lifewriting coaches that I know do not charge at all but accept donations instead. This is a personal preference. I charge $50 per month, paid into my PayPal account and this price is sufficiently low enough to accommodate my clients but high enough to cover the cost of my time. 

Final Tips

? Be prepared to have your shoulder cried on frequently! 

? Be prepared to push. When your client gets stuck and wants to quit, you have gently push them to continue. 

? Don’t get personally involved with a client EVER! It will ruin your credibility as a professional. 

? Don’t forget to keep good records for tax purposes. 

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