Linking Sql And Odbc Tables

Linking tables when using a native SQL or ODBC connection to your database differs slightly from using a Database File connection. By default SCR applies the equal join type (sometimes called inner join) to links between tables in a SQL or ODBC data source. This means that reports only print records with equal matches. If a record from one table has no matching records from the other table, regardless of right or left, SCR does not print that record on your report.

Returning again to the Free Credit Bank example, if you connected to your database using an ODBC connection and used the default equal join type, you would only have statements for cardholders with purchases. The report would not include statements for cardholders without any purchases during the statement period, as there would be no matches in the Purchases table.

When linking SQL tables, you will produce the fastest process time for the report by using the “main” table for your report as the first “from” table. This hasto do with selection criteria, selecting records’). If your select statement applies to a field used from the first table, fewer records are brought into the SCR print engine for processing. See the online Help topic “SQL database considerations” by searching with the keyword “link.”