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Small business online advertising

Until recently, online advertising and marketing and marketing were something the big corporations did. Back then, local establishments did not see any need to conduct online marketing and advertising. But now, searches for local businesses or Local corporations have replaced the white and the yellow pages. Fairly simply put, if your local business can’t be found online, you will not grow, and there is a good chance that you will not live to tell the tale.

The purpose of this article is to show some of the alternatives accessible to small company and local establishments for marketing or campaigning online on the internet. These can be categorized as internet ad postings on classified ad sites, video infomercials, generating a website and making it visible to the public, setting up your Google Places account, and harnessing the power of social networks.

Ad Posting

Free and paid classified ads posting can be very lucrative if done right or a total waste of time and money if not executed in a marketing friendly way. The sites receiving the most classified ads postings are Craig’s List and Backpage. Both of these sites will allow text and graphic advertising. Unluckily the majority of people who own small corporations do not comprehend the html web language necessary to create picture ads, so the majority of the commercials are tedious black and white text ads. What is more important about these ads is that time and again the search engines discover them and bring them to page one for precise product or service searches. Instead of carefully reading these text ads the potentially spending customer says to heck with it and goes to the next Search Engine Results Page, SERP, result without ever discovering what you were advertising; a tragedy! These ads hardly ever have much if any marketing and advertising principles contained within them such as clickable links to more information! In other words, these ads require a successful advertising message that converts! Citizens, who were buyers, or they would not have been using buying keyword searches leave the page before they know what you had in mind for them. There is no doubt that these free classified ad web-sites generate very good traffic. It is important to make your ad stand out by making good looking graphic ads with advertising and marketing values embedded into the ads, including a call to action and a hyperlink to the owner’s site, or lead capture or squeeze page.

Video Power

Did you know that YouTube is a very dominant publicity venue? Inhabitants love to watch video. Video is one of the best strategies for small businesses and small corporations to present their marketing and advertising information. Although YouTube is the largest and most popular video site, it is by far not the only video posting site, there are scores of them; and video can be hosted on your own sit or any other hosting site. Video posting sites are influential, as you can construct a video infomercial in minutes and right away have it sending your special message 24/7. If you ever wanted you could afford a high impact television commercial, you’ll be delighted to know that you can have your own infomercials for far less than a tv ad, and in all probability far less than you paid for a yellow page ad! It is possible to create a clickable good looking graphic ad for Craig’s list or Backpage which bring people off of those sites to a video running on your own website, complete with all of the available advertising values in place! In this way you are on a page that you control, there are no YouTube competing videos, and you can have a lead capture form and other marketing material on that site. These handsome, eye catching, converting clickable ads can be obtained from professions for about $500, and they can be used over and over again on multiple sites. Don’t have a site to host the video, don’t worry these same professionals are able and happy to host the video and your other marketing material for about $25 per month.

Get your Small Business webpage on Page one SERP

SERP optimized web pages are very dominant, as they drive traffic to your website for free 24/7. This process involves the selection and securing of a viable URL or domain, developing a page or mini site and optimizing it to be found for specific search terms on the internet. If this is done properly, every time someone searches for your products or service, your firm appears on the first page of Google as an “Organic Ad” and when people click on that search ad they land on your website. This can be done for as many or as few keyword terms as you choose. Numerous local businesses start the SERP optimization process, SEO, with one or two keywords and finance more keyword phrases as they can from the resulting increased cash flow.

Google Places

Perhaps the first thing that a Local Business owner ought to do is to set up their Google places account. Google Places is the new name for Google Maps. Setting up your Google places account is so important that I advise you to seek professional help; it will result in financial rewards to you. Google places is so powerful that it can and will push SERP page one results over to SERP page two results; a death trap. When your Google places comes up on page one it is a direct line to your local business, including your business name photos of your choice, your business phone number, the street address, website, email address, store or office hours, video infomercials, product descriptions, and much more.

Social Networking Yields Local Business Revenue

Social media is fast becoming necessary for small businesses. The smart businesses are already advertising and building up a presence on the social media. Social media is the new WEB 2.0, and it is going to overtake all other advertising venues on the internet. This topic is so huge, that we just cannot cover it in this article. We will have several more articles on this subject to prepare you for the advertising venue of the future.