Longevity List

Many creatures live a long life span. For example, many dinosaurs (or terrible lizards) lived a long life span. One can see today that the more favorable the climate and the longer that lizards live, the greater in size that they will generally become. Though scientists cannot prove it for certain, the oxygen supply and atmosphere during the days of the dinosaurs was much more favorable for a longer lifestyle. Even the Bible records that Methuselah lived to be 969 years old (though Adam only lived to the ripe old age of 930 years old). Glen Rose, Texas and parts of China prove that man and dinosaur once walked together. For both sets of footprints (the ones of dinosaurs and man) left together had to have been within a few hours of each other. Also scientists have recently found some dinosaur bones that were not fossilized, and these contained both skin tissue and blood samples. This could never happened if they all died out millions of years ago, even as some have proclaimed. Here are some modern longest life spans of various creatures from least to the greatest in age.
Mayfly will live for only for a day.  
A dragonfly lives for four months.
Jackrabbits may live up to thirteen years old.
Dogs have lived twenty-nine years. 
A cat lasted for thirty-six years. 
Queen termites can live for fifty years.  
A horse lived to be sixty-two years old.
Barrel cactus will live for sixty-five years. 
Eastern box turtles have lived eighty years. 
Asian elephants live up to eighty-six years.
Yelloweye rockfish have lived to one hundred and twenty years of age.  
Modern man has been recorded to be one hundred and twenty-two years of age (though some have claimed an unverified age of one hundred and thirty-six of age). 
The Galapagos tortoise has lived up to one hundred and fifty years. 
A lobster survived to the age of one hundred and seventy-five years of age.
Koi fish may live for two hundred years. 
Bowhead whales live for two hundred and eleven years. 
The Bristlecone pine tree will live up to one thousand years of age. 
Jellyfish of a certain species (Torritopsis nutricula) can possibly live for forever. Though they may get eaten or washed ashore by the ocean current and die, but they will never die of old age.