Looking For Battery Chargers?

Most electronic appliances and portable devices today use rechargeable batteries and you require battery chargers for them. Motorcycles, cars and boats also use batteries that can be recharged. How do you pick battery chargers for these different kinds of batteries? What are the options you have where recharging these batteries is concerned?

A truck and auto and marine battery is a 12 volt battery. Battery chargers for these are more advanced than those for the traditional batteries. You need battery chargers like the ones from Battery minder that charges your batteries without allowing them to overcharge (overcharging could ruin your batteries!). Another important tool for marine and auto batteries is the jump starter. Most new portable models can jump start about 30 cars without the need for a recharge. One of these models is called the PowerTank jump start that has a battery tester and florescent light. A number of devices also use solar battery chargers. If you are always on the go, the ICP solar battery chargers are a great option for you.

Batteries used in smaller electronic devices like a PDA or a cell phone are different from the ones we have discussed so far. The most typical battery chargers for these small appliances are desk or wall mounted. These battery chargers are much quicker at charging devices than the conventional chargers. Some of these even ‘pop out’ the batteries when completely charged to avoid the memory effect which is a common issue with a NICD battery. Again the ICP solar battery chargers can be used for these small portable devices. For cell phones, battery chargers are dependant on the cell phone brand and are only compatible with the manufacturer.

There are several batteries that are rechargeable but choosing a battery charger is different for each kind. You need to factor in specifications like voltage and the kind of battery like lead acid, NICD or lithium. All these different batteries require different battery chargers since all of them have different technologies. The life of the battery greatly depends on how it is charged so keep in mind to follow the correct procedure for each in order to properly charge it.